The National Transportation Training Directors (NTTD) organization was formed in 1980 to improve the development and delivery of technical and organizational transportation training, to improve training outcomes, institute best practices, reduce costs, accelerate training delivery, and assess competencies of employees.

This network of training and education professionals actively shares current technology and materials, information, products, and services among state transportation training directors, LTAP managers, university and other training/education programs, who are then free to use and modify these materials for their specific department needs. Annually the organization convenes a national conference that brings together practitioners from the public and private sectors as well as our partners in transportation training from such programs as TC3, NHI, and NLTAPA.

With a long history of collaboration, NTTD has established a trusted and stable network engaged in an open exchange of course curriculum, content, best practices, practical advice, and guidance to all who request it and take advantage of our events and conferences to access it.

NTTD Offers:

    • A community of professionals in the transportation and training industries
    • Annual conferences that provide unique professional development opportunities
    • Webinars on training methods, technologies and approaches with key partners


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