2018 NTTD Annual Conference

Transforming Transportation Training

NTTD’s 2018 annual program in Chattanooga, TN (October 7-11) was a great success.

Thanks to all the sponsors, exhibitors, presenters, and participants from more than 30 states who worked together to explore and share new innovations in training and technology to better prepare, support, and attract a 21st century workforce.

Each year NTTD hosts a program to bring together knowledgeable colleagues to share resources and experience, and educate each other, taking advantage of our professional partners and our sponsors, bringing new technologies and techniques that benefit our work. There is always an exciting array of presentations and workshops and time for general networking and engagement. Thanks to TN DOT for producing a short overview of the conference and its value

From key note speakers, to workshops and presentation on training and new technology, to working sessions for joint problem solving and innovative brainstorming this venue provided a rich and productive professional exchange and opportunity for development for all involved. The conference timing was quite appropriate as it immediately followed the election of Utah DOT Executive Director Carlos Braceras as the new President of AASHTO, who opened his term by stating that “State DOTs are facing new challenges on several fronts,” he said. “Attracting and keeping a highly skilled workforce is critical.” The NTTD conference took up that challenge and produced an energized network to respond to it.

In the coming weeks the presentations and resources from the conference will be posted here.

Planning for the 2019 joint program with NLTAPA has started!

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NTTD Conference Program and Resources

Workshop 1: Implementing UAS Technology into Operations at Transportation Organizations

This workshop, led by the University of Vermont UAS Team  drew on the experiences of implementing UAS technology into three state DOTs. Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) technology are revolutionizing many types of DOT operations, from inspecting bridges to mapping rights-of-way. Effective use of UAS technology goes far beyond buying and flying a drone. This disruptive technology can challenge organizations in multiple ways. The expansive volumes of data that drones can acquire can tax IT infrastructure, personnel must have the requisite GIS and CAD skills to make use of many of the data products, and regulatory hurdles can slow implementation. Despite all the promising of revolutionizing operations, DOTs may find that implementing UAS technology actually costs them more money in the short term. The workshop looked to provide an in-depth understanding of not only UAS platforms and sensors, but the associated data processing, data management, human resource, and organizational implications of adopting UAS technology. While the workshop was not taped, the presenter, Jarlath O’Neil-Dunne, gave a shorter version of this presentation as a keynote at the 2017 CGA Conference: The Drone Revolution in Spatial Analysis.

Why learning shouldn’t stop and start with compliance: Three ways you should be using your LMS beyond compliance (presented by Dr. Tom Tonkin, Principal Consultant, Advisory Services for Cornerstone OnDemand)

In this session, Dr. Tonkin addresses the top three areas that you can immediately use your new LMS to achieve expense-free results. Success stories, lessons learned and a trial opportunity will be shared to get you down the right path.

Member Program Shares – Colorado  Highway Maintenance Management program

Colorado DOT (Kevin Macvitte) & Front Range Community College (Nicholas Spezza)

Member Program Shares- Kansas-  Why Choosing the Right Learning Management System Does Make a Difference  (Sherry Petrie-Fitzgerald, the Organizational Development Manager from the Kansas Department of Transportation & Brian Wachsberger, CEO LearnSoft)
NTTD Strategic Partners – News and Update

Member Program Shares

The Tennessee Department of Transportation’s (TDOT) TRAC Program. Highlights of an educational outreach program for grades 6 – 12 (AASHTOs TRAC program) Paige Harris TDOT

How states are using TC3 – An overview of how a few states, including ND and TX, are using the State Sharing part of TC3 and the AASHTO LMS to meet their training needs. 

Chris Padilla, North Dakota State University;

Chris Young, TX DOT.

TDOT Reconnect Program

The Tennessee Department of Transportation’s (TDOT) Reconnect Program is an 18-month program designed for TDOT employees with no post-secondary education experience. Ryan Simpson, TDOT Human Resources & TDOT Reconnect Team

NTTD Keynote Presentations

Saving Lives & Saving Money, TDOT Training: Saving Lives & Saving Money

Lyndsay Botts, Deputy Commissioner/Chief of Staff & Joseph Galbato III, Deputy Commissioner/Chief Financial Officer, Tennessee Department of Transportation

A discussion of the high stakes and determination of training TDOT’s Emergency Response Team (Strike Force) and the pragmatism of cross-training and continuing education after a Top to Bottom reorganization.

NHI: From Presenter to Trainer: Building Training Capacity in your Organization

This interactive session focuses on the distinctions between presenting and training, and explores why those distinctions are critical in preparing and supporting a qualified and competent workforce. Vanessa Almony and Stacey Jones, NHI

Implementing Technology in the Classroom to Increase Learner Engagement

Garrett Wheat, LA

Member Program Shares

Video Content Management for Training Support  Avery Poor, Manager, TDOT

NTTD Annual Reception and Dinner

Featured Speaker: Dr. Mina Sartipi (UT Chattanooga)

Data-Driven Urban Mobility

University of Tennessee Chattanooga Urban Science and Technology Program Leader, SimCenter Program Leader, Center for Urban Informatics and Progress (CUIP)

Planning and Training for a Successful Future 

a. AL DOT’s Employee Development Program

b. AL DOT’s Leadership Academy

We can create our agency’s future based on needs or we can let the future control our agency.  By implementing development programs for employees, supervisors, managers, and leaders, DOTs can potentially establish their own futures.  ALDOT will discuss two programs: Employee Development Program and Leadership Academy

 Maxine Wheeler Alabama Department of Transportation.

Cooperation Pays: LTAP & DOT Training Program models for cooperation and coordination

 Key attributes of what makes a cooperative relationship work well.

Donna Shea (CT), Martha Horseman (KY), Chris Padilla (ND), Terri Nihil (NE).

Supporting Emerging Leaders: Refresh your approach to organizational leadership training

This presentation will explore the process of researching, developing, and growing leadership development programs for emerging leaders. Two complimentary programs will be showcased.

Colleen Montague,  Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans)

Tony Loomer, Idaho Transportation Department.

Workshop 2:  Innovative Solutions to Transportation Training Challenges

The workshop will generate ideas, projects, and products that iCube resources (training, virtual reality, and marketing campaigns) can be used to demonstrate new approaches to solving problems, relevant to any Department of Transportation in the country, based on the experience in working with TDOT. See the iCube approach at: https://youtu.be/ERB7Lmu4FVc. iCube, a center at Tennessee Tech University, utilizes virtual reality, marketing, public policy campaigns, and app development to create innovative solutions for traditional problems. In a close partnership with Tennessee DOT (TDOT), iCube is currently taking TDOT training materials across multiple departments and combining them into a digital, unified system. This systems approach will be previewed in the presentation, and iCube will showcase other projects created for clients in the traffic safety realm.  Take of tour of iCube capabilities.